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New DESSO Human Fascination carpet tile collection inspired by the diversity and fragility of our planet.

28 March 2019 - Tarkett, a global leader in innovative and sustainable solutions for flooring and sports surfaces, has launched the latest addition to the DESSO Carpetecture® family ‘Human Fascination,’ celebrating nature’s diversity as well as its fragility.



Take the world inside

The collection consists of four 50 x 50cm structured loop carpet tile ranges, Arables, Breccia, Flores and Granite, capturing an abstract design that hints at the landscapes we so admire. The collection was born out of a preoccupation with the earth's attributes while acknowledging that this stunning natural beauty must be protected - a cause to which Tarkett is fiercely dedicated.

Step onto solid rocks with the Breccia collection, get lost in a field of flowers with Flores, marvel at a mountain with the Granite carpet tiles and learn from ancient field lines with the Arable collection. Each range has a distinct identity, yet unmistakably draws inspiration from the natural world.


Invite the thrill of the untamed landscape into the office with the DESSO Granite carpet tiles. The raw, unpredictable textures of the volcanic earth drive the 18 colourways that mark these carpet tiles, building on the strength of our ancient earth to resemble a terrain of brave, unplanned nature. A muted, earthy palette meets rich, spiced tones, the three-dimensional appearance giving the carpet tiles a wild streak. Combine fiery reds and subtle greys, soft yellows and fierce orange for a vibrant indoor environment.



Combining the strength and durability of real marble with the shapes and patterns of rocks shaped by the sea, the DESSO Breccia carpet tiles makes for a fresh, revitalising welcome in any interior. The subtle veining found in marbles and minerals are reflected in an energising colour palette of seven shades, from blue-grey to green and metallic yarn, evoking that sense of fresh salty air and a crisp but healthy sea breeze. The juxtaposition between polished stoned and rugged, raw surfaces can be found in the patterns on these carpet tiles, capturing nature's rough and entrancing elements.



Taking centuries-old field lines and sunscorched agricultural landscapes as inspiration, the DESSO Arable carpet tiles remind us of that place where natural landscapes meet human intervention, the fields where we learned from the natural world and where every grove and footstep tells a story. A colour palette of 10 warm and cold tones mirror the clays, greys, blues and beiges of our agricultural past and present. The dual-tone carpet tiles evoke a sense of wide open space and reveal a rich, textural pattern that let you take the great wide open inside.



The DESSO Flores carpet tile collection finds its origins in the varied fields of flowers and plentiful plant world. Six multi-coloured carpet tiles capture the rich diversity of the planet's flora, combining muted tones and expressive brights to bring life and energy into your indoor space. The three-dimensional carpet tiles remind us of Impressionist paintings, transforming the joys of spring into a carefully crafted palette of vibrant colours. They say Mother Nature is the best designer and we can't help but agree


“Elevating the details uncovered in materials viewed both close-up and from an aerial eye – from raw rock and stone through to opulent, smooth marble – we’ve captured the planet’s alluring and fragile qualities to produce abstract designs grounded in reality. The resulting flooring collection is the perfect addition to workplace interiors, thanks to its engaging design and impressive sustainability credentials.”

Anette Timmer, EMEA Marketing Director Carpets/Workplace at Tarkett.

Protecting the planet

Tarkett's commitment to health and wellbeing sits at the heart of its overall sustainability approach, "Doing Good. Together". Tarkett is focussed on preserving natural resources, improving people's lives and contribute to a healthier planet together.

All products within the Human Fascination collection are Cradle to Cradle® Silver Level certified and include the 100% recyclable EcoBase™ backing, made from a minimum of 75% recycled chalk* from the local drinking water industry.

In addition, the products are made with ECONYL®, a 100% regenerated nylon yarn made from recovered waste materials such as discarded fishing nets and carpet yarn from the Tarkett Refinity facility.

With its eco-conscious production processes and reusable materials, Tarkett aims to create healthier spaces with sustainable flooring that benefits both people and the environment.

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