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Tarkett combines improved air quality and enhanced sustainability credentials with DESSO AirMaster® Earth & Tones

19 April 2018 - Tarkett, a global leader in innovative and sustainable solutions for flooring and sports surfaces, has extended its acclaimed DESSO AirMaster carpet collection. The latest additions, DESSO AirMaster Earth & Tones, are produced using only 100% recycled ECONYL® yarn combined with the recyclable DESSO EcoBase® backing as standard.


In addition, the new AirMaster collection has been further enhanced by introducing a new low antimony primary backing, Colback® Gold. This first-to-market product has been designed in close collaboration with performance materials expert Low & Bonar with Cradle to Cradle® principles in mind, and delivers the same high performance with up to a 95%[1] decrease in antimony content. Combined with the DESSO AirMaster patented technology, designed to reduce the amount of fine dust in the indoor air, it brings an outstanding flooring option with added health and wellbeing benefits to the commercial interiors market.

[1]In comparison with standard non-woven primary backing.


“Tarkett is continually exploring ways to improve the materials we use in our production process to boost all key design aspects: aesthetics, wellbeing and sustainability. That is why we have further enhanced our AirMaster collections by introducing a new unique low antimony primary backing, Colback® Gold. With Colback Gold® we are offering customers the opportunity to benefit from products with optimised material health , and promoting safer recycling, while also helping to conserve finite raw material supplies.”

Ludwig Cammaert, Design and Technical Development Director for DESSO carpets.

Design AirMaster Earth & Tones

DESSO AirMaster Earth is available in seven distinctive colour options, including five neutral shades and two vibrant accent colours. Each tile features a statement black yarn threaded into the pattern resulting in dramatic and tactile flooring design. DESSO AirMaster Tones is available in 12 colours, including six neutrals, ranging from dark to light, and six soft pastel accent colours, including pink/red, blue and green shades. The result is a delicate and soft colour palette not previously available in the AirMaster family.

DESSO AirMaster Earth & Tones carpet tiles can be combined to allow designers to create zoning and routing in open plan spaces, or to provide dramatic statement design features and centre-pieces in meeting rooms and reception areas.



Proven effectiveness in clearing the air

DESSO AirMaster is the first product in the world to be certified with a GUI Gold Plus label[1]. Scientists at GUI's laboratory measured DESSO AirMaster's ability to reduce fine dust concentration, conducting 15 tests in three test rooms, each furnished with different flooring solutions (smooth floor, standard loop pile carpet and DESSO AirMaster)[2]. The result is that DESSO AirMaster is 8 times more effective at capturing and retaining fine dust than smooth flooring solutions (PM10). It is also 4 times more effective than standard carpet solutions (PM10). This alone led to a GUI Gold certification. The Gold Plus certification was awarded for high performance on three further test criteria:

  • Suitability for allergy sufferers
  • High fine dust binding capacity
  • Low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emission properties.[3]

[1] The highest possible accreditation awarded by Gesellschaft fur Umwelt- und Innenraumanalytik (GUI), Germany's leading independent air quality testing organisation.

[2] Based on tests performed by GUI with DESSO AirMaster® versus a standard smooth floor and versus standard structured loop pile carpet (median values).

[3] (ISO 16000 test analysis, according AgBB evaluation scheme 2010 and in accordance with GUT emission criteria).


Our Sustainability Commitment

In line with our on-going commitment to sustainability, the DESSO AirMaster Earth & Tones collection comes with DESSO EcoBase as standard backing. The backing contains at least 75% positively defined recycled content, in accordance with Cradle to Cradle® principles.

All DESSO AirMaster collections contain ECONYL yarn, but DESSO AirMaster Earth & Tones are the first collections in the AirMaster range where all colours are made from 100% ECONYL® yarn - a 100% regenerated nylon madefrom recovered waste materials such as carpet yarn from Tarkett's Refinity® recycling facility and waste fishnets.

For more information on the AirMaster Earth & Tones collection and other DESSO carpets, please visit


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