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Desso's ‘Essentials’ collection celebrates iconic design and embraces the essence of things

26 May 2016 - Desso, a Tarkett company, is introducing 'Essentials' - a new addition to the Carpetecture® collection which embraces the Essence of Things and celebrates iconic, pared back design.

Desso Essentials collection_Traverse


The Essentials collection presents a 'less is more' solution

In a world of infinite choice and variety, the Essentials collection presents a 'less is more' solution, paying homage to the essence of carpet flooring and classic design.  Studies are increasingly highlighting the importance of eliminating unnecessary distractions in the workplace.

Ron Friedman1), author of 'Best Place to Work' and expert in the field of motivation, creativity, neuroscience and management, said:  "When our office is riddled with distractions, we end up consuming the very mental resources we need to think clearly." The Essentials collection - with its pure and uncluttered design - offers a simple alternative to support a healthy and creative workplace, allowing people to conserve energy for more important matters.

Desso Essentials Carpet_2


Desso Essentials Carpet

Classic carpet textures and colours

With two distinct themes -Traverse and Edges- the Essentials collection designs combine classic carpet textures and colours with clean lines to create a feeling of iconic familiarity, while simultaneously offering something different and unique in interior flooring. Offering the best of both worlds, Essentials is inspired by enduring classical design - but it has all the appeal of a future design own. 


Drawing inspiration from Modernism, Traverse uses simple, diagonal lines and tonal shades to create an appearance of movement on the floor, subtly changing from different vantage points. Designers and architects can achieve classic herringbone and ashlar patterns, as well as a myriad of irregular designs to bring the floor to life and create self-contained zoned areas. Traverse is available in 15 rich colours offering a wealth of creative possibilities, to transform simple diagonals into a kaleidoscope of opportunity.

Desso Essentials_Traverse
Desso Essentials_Edges


Inspired by timeless fabric designs,Edges adds tactile movement to the floor with a choice of two varying patterns, to suit the pace and rhythm of every unique space. Edges Large is a bold design, using a traditional twill weave and diagonal parallel ribs to create impact across expansive flooring areas.Edges Small is a more delicate pattern, reflecting the subtle irregular beauty of hand woven textiles, perfect for fine detailing. Both designs are available in six shared colourways, with an additional six shades in Edges Small specially selected to complement the shared palette. Both designs work equally well together or individually - presenting endless design options.

Contribute positively to the environment

The Essentials collection's timeless, pared back design comes standard with an EcoBase™ backing that contains upcycled re-engineered calcium carbonate (chalk) from local drinking water companies.  The backing is 100% recyclable in Desso's own production process. The products in this range are certified Cradle to Cradle® Silver, ensuring that the products contribute positively to the environment, human health and are designed to be recycled in a non-toxic closed loop.

In addition, the Essentials collection contains ECONYL®  yarn - a 100% regenerated nylon made from recovered waste materials such as fishing nets and yarn waste from DESSO's own Refinity® facility.

Desso Essentials Carpet_3


More info on our Essentials carpets?

Visit our Essentials carpet collection website

1) The Best Place to Work, Ron Friedman - 2014
"[We are influenced by so many seemingly trivial features of our environment, because automatically adapting to our surrounding is actually quite advantageous.] Think of it as cruise control for the brain. We don't have to pause and reflect every time we ... enter a room we've never been in before. Our mind does it for us, reading our environment and adjusting our thinking so that we can conserve our mental firepower for more important matters."  p29
"When our office is riddled with distractions, we end up consuming the very mental resources we need to think clearly." p33

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