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Desso donates a FloFlo: portable water drilling unit

Clean drinking water is a basic necessity of life. The FloFlo enables people in developing countries to drill for water themselves – and start their own water company.

The Holland Water Goes Africa Foundation was launched in September 2008 to help Africa solve its water problem. The young no-nonsense foundation is convinced that there is a different way to provide development aid! FloFlo was designed to encourage action before emergency situations arise. By managing funds efficiently and involving the population, Africa can save itself.

FloFlo: portable water drilling unit


Everyone has a right to water

Floris Vos, president of the foundation: "We believe that by tackling the water problem in Africa at the source, you can also resolve economic, social and medical problems. It's really not necessary for people to walk miles to fetch water and the solution doesn't need to be expensive either. Everyone has a right to water; water is a basic necessity! Furthermore, there's enough water in the ground in Africa. All the Africans need are the right tools and instructions on how to use them. We feel it's important that the Africans do it themselves, so that besides finding their way to water, they also find their way to knowledge, entrepreneurship and thus grow in self confidence and fulfilment."

Drilling for water using pure manpower

With just one FloFlo, the local population can drill multiple wells themselves. Teams are already at work in various African countries, where they have made a business of drilling and installing pumps. A donation from Desso, among others, has enabled the local population not only to provide for its own water needs but also to establish a micro business. They then bring the water pumps to neighbouring villages. And because people can drill wells to provide for their own needs, there is enough water for them to survive and to grow crops and keep animals.

Impression of the FloFlo:




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