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Desso and Ex Interiors champion creativity in new carpet collection

14 October 2015 - The Desso&Ex collection is a new cut pile broadloom carpet and made-to-measure carpet rugs collection that is being launched during the Dutch Design Week 17-25 October. It is the result of a successful collaboration between leading carpets, carpet tiles and sport pitches business, Desso and international interior architects studio, Ex Interiors.

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Working with leading designers

Desso, a Tarkett company, continuously innovates in the realms of creativity, functionality and Cradle to Cradle®. One of Desso's brand assets is design excellence. Desso's in-house design teams regularly seek inspiration by working with leading designers, including Petra Blaisse, Hella Jongerius, Mark Mulders, Marcel Wanders and Victor & Rolf. A long-standing collaboration with Odette Ex recently turned into a unique process of co-creation between Desso and Ex Interiors.

“The collection reflects the shared values between Desso and Odette Ex at Ex Interiors and their mutual passion for creativity and high quality design.”

Ludwig Cammaert, Director Design & Technical Development

Connecting people, areas and different interior design elements

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Taking inspiration from the world of art in muted weathered colours and multi-layered patterns, the collection is about connecting people, areas and different interior design elements. Odette Ex, founder and owner of Ex Interiors, is passionate about the dynamics of a collaborative project.

“I’m very proud of the Desso & Ex collection as it brings something fresh and unique to the interiors market. The partnership between the two businesses reflects our common drive for beauty – and the dynamics between the teams has given it an added dimension that unifies and connects people and places in a number of different ways. Interior design should touch you deeply - in a similar way to fine art – which I believe we have achieved with this co-creation.”

Odette Ex, founder and owner of Ex Interiors

The Desso&Ex collection offers 115 different designs in near endless combinations for a modern and layered scheme. It encourages playful flooring themes created to highlight - or contrast - key elements within the space with a neutral hue offset against a spectrum of patterns and brought to life in five different soft colour ways; Stone, Carmine, Amber, Leaf and Indigo.

Desso&Ex Collectie_3


Combination of colour and patterns

Each combination of colour and patterns presents a unique ambiance - whether it is a calm and soothing backdrop in quiet areas, to a more vibrant and upbeat vibe in spaces where people meet. Echoing the same pattern from one room to another can also help bridge the space between disconnected areas, while colours can be used to indicate where one area ends and another begins.

As well as adding a personal touch, the Desso&Ex collection can help create designated areas within a space.

The Desso&Ex collection will be shown at the Veem Building throughout the Dutch Design Week and will be available as of mid October.

Discover the Desso&Ex collection.

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