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Custom design Axminster now available in easy to handle tile

12 January 2015 - Desso’s new product intro combines the luxury of woven Axminster broadloom in an easy to handle carpet tile, delivering custom design, high-quality and superior performance.

Custom design Axminster now available in easy to handle tile 1


Desso's luxurious and high quality woven Axminster broadloom carpet and the extensive design possibilities it brings to public spaces in hotels, casinos and convention centers, is well-known in today's hospitality industry. At the same time, an increase in the use of carpet tiles is becoming increasingly important in the market. Combining the need for luxury appearance and design flexibility, with long-term performance characteristics of woven Axminster, in an easy to use carpet tile, brings all key ingredients into one product.

Desso Leads in Design and Quality

Desso, a leading global carpet, carpet tile and sports pitch design and manufacturing company, found the perfect solution by combining its woven Axminster carpet and its high quality carpet tiles into one new Axminster carpet tile.

“This new product actually brings the best of both worlds together. You have all the creative possibilities of Axminster design and performance, together with the functionality of an easy to handle carpet tile. We have now combined our expertise and put decades of experience into one terrific new product. The result is an Axminster carpet tile that will lead in the area of design, functionality and performance”.

Roland Jonkhoff, Managing Director Desso

Custom design Axminster now available in easy to handle tile 2

Easy to handle Axminster carpet tile meets flexible custom design possibilities

Desso's Axminster carpet tile is extremely useful for customers who may need to more easily remove and replace carpet, such as in high-traffic convention centers, in casinos with raised access flooring and in other high-use facilities.

“Besides manufacturing our carpets, Desso offers extended services to assist in designing custom Axminster broadloom as well as Axminster carpet tiles. On top of that we help our customers by providing detailed project planning support to help facilitate a flawless and expedient Axminster carpet tile installation. Our Axminster tiles also help customers save costs on multiple levels, not solely because of the complete installation plans, but also because the tiles have less waste, are easier to store and when needed, can be quickly replaced”.

Roland Jonkhoff, Managing Director Desso

Desso’s Axminster carpet tiles

Desso's Axminster carpet tiles are available in bitumen backing and cushion backing. Desso is the only manufacturer that offers a quick installation method with its Axminster carpet tiles. "The DESSO QuickFix® combined with the cushion back, enables flawless execution with faster installation times, and offers a healthier choice for humans and the environment, while creating a seamless result known from luxurious Axminster. 

More info on the Axminster carpet tiles:

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