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Singapore Sports Hub unveils state-of-the-art, multi-functional pitch at the national stadium

21 May 2014 - SportsHub Pte Ltd today unveiled the National Stadium pitch that will play host to football, rugby, cricket and athletics for years to come. With the Desso GrassMaster system delivering a state-of-the-art pitch, the National Stadium will fulfil its role as a multi-functional venue for sports and entertainment.

The reinforced Desso GrassMaster system is currently being installed at the newly built Sports Hub Singapore, a 35 hectare (86 acres) large sports and event complex with a central role for the national stadium.

The grass pitch is a 100% natural grass surface, reinforced by 20 million protective fibres.With this grass system, Sports Hub Singapore can fulfil its role as multi-functional venue while keeping the stadium pitch in perfect condition. 

Singapore Sports Hub

High Tech pitch for state of the art stadium

Singapore Sports Hub includes the national stadium, an indoor event hall, an aquatic centre and a water sports area. The 55.000 seater national stadium, with its retractable roof and moveable seating tiers, is designed to offer a multi-functional role. The Desso GrassMaster pitch is an essential part of the design, enabling the stadium to swap from sports to events and back again whilst keeping the pitch in optimum condition.


Thanks to its reinforcement system, Desso GrassMaster offers a reliable pitch.

The system consists of a 100 % natural grass pitch into which artificial fibres are injected 18 cm deep, every 2 cm across the pitch. This results in approximately 20 million artificial fibres reinforcing and protecting the natural grass.  The ingenuity of the system lies beneath the surface. The natural grass roots grow around the fibres, thus anchoring the field. The system offers stability and reinforcement, ensuring a uniform and visually attractive surface in perfect condition at all times. 

Alexander Collot d’Escury and Greg Gillin at Sports Hub Singapore

"Supplying the pitch for Sports Hub Singapore is obviously a prestigious project for our company and hopefully an inspiration for other multi-functional stadiums. With the Desso GrassMaster system, we enable stadiums to combine sports and events in the same location, without compromising on the grass pitch. The project is an excellent example of Desso’s continued growth strategy for both our carpet and sports business in Asia."

Alexander Collot d’Escury, CEO DESSO

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