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Producing from waste, Desso and rENs launch their retreated red dyed carpet collection re-vive.

04 April 2014

Desso, the global carpets, carpet tiles and sport pitches company and the Dutch design duo rENs are launching a new carpet collection known as 're-vive' at the prestigious furnishing design event in Milan, the Salon Internazionale del Mobile during April 8-13.


Renee Mennen and Stefanie van Keijsteren of rENs have developed a creative concept around using red dye to interact with materials and objects to create something unique. In their latest collaboration with Desso they are applying the red dye to out-of-date carpets, transforming them through their hand crafted red dyeing process into new and vibrant rugs.

In creating completely new and desirable artistic pieces through their red dye process, the designers are also able to demonstrate that materials need not be wasted - they can be revived. In this case, the colour red has a second meaning - signaling a warning that today too much is needlessly wasted. In a resource-constrained world, industry needs to think differently about what it throws away and how it too can revive products.

The designers will be giving a live demonstration of the artistic dyeing process at the Milan event, showing how each individual work provides unique new shades and effects for an individual rug.

rENs table


"We are delighted to be working with such up-and-coming designers. Their idea for creating something fresh and new from existing material underlines our continued support for the circular economy and the idea of waste as having value."

Rob Peters, Managing Director, Desso

Through its collaboration with rENs, Desso is able to show its support for young talent in the design community and together make a powerful statement about the power of creativity to solve some of the world's problems while offering exciting products for consumers.

re-vive tapijt bij OM

 (Customized rugs at 'Openbaar Ministerie' in Rotterdam)

Creativity is a key driver of Desso's innovation programme along with functionality and Cradle to Cradle®, a philosophy linked to the concept of the circular economy where goods are remanufactured, reused or recycled in a healthy, non-toxic closed loop. At the heart of Cradle to Cradle® is the idea that waste equals food and that designers and industry should rethink the way products are made - to suit a closed loop system -  as well as finding ways to use existing materials again. 

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