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Dutch companies take action to protect forests for climate

02 December 2014 - Four Dutch companies, Desso, Eneco, Essent and the Dutch Development Bank FMO, invest in a unique forest project in Peru. They support the protection of tropical forests as a voluntary action to fight climate change.

Tambopata Project


Reduce Tropical Deforestation

Together with the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, the 4 companies invest half a million Euro in REDD+, a program that helps reduce tropical deforestation as a strategy to reduce climate change. They receive certificates of emission reductions. They use these certificates to create green products such as climate neutral gas, or they integrate REDD+ in their cradle to cradle strategy.

From 1 to 10 December the 20th Conference of Parties of the United Nations Climate Convention on Climate Change takes place in Lima, in Peru. REDD+ is high on the agenda and is expected to be a central component of a future climate agreement that has to be adopted next year in Paris.

Madre de Dios region

The Dutch companies are investing in a REDD+ project in the Madre de Dios region in the Peruvian Amazon.  Under the project, deforestation and incursion in protected areas is stopped. Local settlers are given alternative livelihood options such as high-grade cocoa production.

Representatives of the companies visit the project this month and launch the initiative at the premises of the climate conference in Lima on 4 December.

The companies work together as part of the Dutch Platform Biodiversity, Ecosystems & Economy (Platform BEE), an initiative of the Dutch VNO-NCW, IUCN in the Netherlands and the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs.


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