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New DESSO® collection reflects a world in transition

27 October 2014 - Desso, a leading global carpets, carpet tiles and sports pitches company, is introducing a new commercial carpet tile collection that captures our ever-changing times – DESSO Transitions.

Embracing movement and creative expression, the new collection consists of four different interpretations of our transient times through changes in colour, structure and nature respectively; Fuse, Fields, Pebble and Wave. With organic patterns, shimmering yarns and textured piles, the Transition collection will add warmth and definition to any office space.


DESSO Transitions: Fuse Carpet Tiles

Fuse is a striking carpet tile that adds movement to the floor by effortlessly flowing between two contrasting yet complimentary colour schemes to help zone and divide large interior spaces such as open plan offices. It will also allow an interior scheme to move seamlessly from one space into the next for instance a corridor into a side room or a large space into a smaller, more intimate one.

The colour combinations of Fuse merges two distinctive hues from the uni-coloured Fields carpet tile - part of the Materials in Touch collection - to build a stunning design bridge between them. The combination or Fuse and Fields allow for endless creative expression with statement floors - or can be used to simply delineate different areas to great effect. Fields is available in 16 hues, while Fuse comes in seven colour combinations.

Transitions Fuse

DESSO Transitions: Pebble Carpet Tiles

Pebble is also part of the Transitions collection and reflects our changeable times through nature by recreating the organic patterns of smooth stones polished by the movement of water - sometimes quiet others roaring. Each textured loop pile carpet tile is unique, creating a truly non-directional feeling adding flow and movement to a space. Pebble is available in nine mellow modern colourways.

Transitions Pebbles

DESSO Transitions: Wave Carpet Tiles

The highly textured Wave carpet tile reflects the subtle ripples of water lapping on a beach to bring a quiet flow to interior spaces. The design gives an all-over structure with a natural randomness in the pattern where sheen yarn has been added for depth and contrast. This carpet tile is particularly striking in areas where shifting daylight can play on the shimmering yarn. Wave is available in nine organic contemporary hues.


Transitions Wave

Desso collaborates with Dutch drinking water producers

As well as embracing change through its striking design, the Transitions collection has also been developed with a strong environmental conscience in-line with the Cradle to Cradle® principles, ensuring that products are positive for the environment and human health and are designed to be recycled in a non-toxic closed loop. Collaborating with Dutch drinking water producers, Desso is upcycling chalk waste from the water softening process and reusing this as a stabiliser in the production of DESSO EcoBase®.

Transitions kalk

All products in the Transitions collection are available with Ecobase® backing as standard, which also allows the backing to be fully recycled at Desso's Refinity facility.

For the latest information about the collection, have a look at the Carpetecture Transitions Magazine:

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