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Alexander Collot d’Escury, CEO of Desso, is helping to put the circular economy on the agenda at the World Economic Forum’s Annual Summit at Davos.

21 January 2014

Alexander Collot d'Escury, CEO of Desso, the global carpets, carpet tiles and sport pitches company will be leading discussions on the restorative circular economy model at the prestigious annual gathering of the world's business and political leaders at Davos during 21-25 January.

With the company's experience of going circular - based on its innovative Cradle to Cradle® strategy, Collot d'Escury has been invited to discuss how to scale up the circular economy at a private session held on Saturday, January 25th, involving a number of CEO's from leading international companies, all interested in the benefits of the circular economy.

Collot d'Escury will also be attending a special press conference on Friday, January 24th in relation to a new report on the circular economy (details of which will be released on the day) as well as a circular economy workshop on Tuesday, January 21st. In addition, the global internet media website, the Huffington Post, will be interviewing Collot d'Escury on January 24th. Further, he will be in a number of private meetings with global CEO's across the week and two private sessions with leading Dutch politicians.

“It provides a fabulous opportunity to put the circular economy on the map. We believe it offers a sustainable and commercially smart approach to future business, driving new innovation and value for the customer. Now, with the World Economic Forum’s focus on the topic, more and more CEO’s are becoming aware of the opportunities.”

Alexander Collot d'Escury (CEO Desso Group)

"All these connect up to help us deliver better products that also contribute positively to human health and the environment. It is good for business and good for people and the planet."

Alexander Collot d'Escury (CEO Desso Group)

To follow the discussions at the World Economic Forum summit at Davos go online to:

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