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DESSO Hospitality unveils new Axminster carpet collection: Heavenly Gradients & Transforming Textures vol. 1

18 September 2013

Desso Hospitality has unveiled its newest Axminster carpet collection called Heavenly Gradients & Transforming Textures vol.1.  The collection, created by Desso designers Sophie Duran and Jonathan Currell, represents different manifestations of nature's gradients.

The sky was the source of inspiration for this collection. The sky is never the same and it changes constantly from heavy clouds to serene and spotless. The sky can be full of bright clashing colours or tone on tone that slowly fades away into the night.

The colour palette for this collection is based on the sunset. These bright colours create dramatic grand carpet gestures that can be installed in large spaces. Besides the sky and natures other gradients another interpretation for this collection is the dip dye trend, which can also be seen in fashion. We have translated this trend into partly bold coloured rugs with smooth textured backgrounds. It suggests the rug is dipped in a bucket of paint so the process looks uncontrolled. By combining all these different gradients in our carpet designs, a feeling of depth is created.

The Heavenly Gradients & Transforming Textures vol. 1 can be viewed on  the website This collection and earlier collections such as Intrinsic Energy and Urban Retro already provided flooring inspiration for hotels of leading global brands worldwide.

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