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Carpet creativity at your fingertips with DESSO 3D Textures™

26 November 2013

Desso, a global carpets, carpet tiles and sport pitches company, is making all its carpet tile products come to life with 'DESSO 3D Textures™'  - made available on a free online database. These textures help architects & designers create inspirational visuals - all based on the latest carpet designs from Desso.

The choice of materials including the texture of the floor play a significant role in the interior design of a building - especially as we spend on average 90% of our time indoors - and the new tool from Desso will improve the efficiency of the design process.

Desso has created the unique DESSO 3D Textures™, which features highly detailed textures of all Desso's products and colours including pre-rendered installation methods, which can be downloaded via the Desso website. This helps architects & designers save considerable time and allows them to achieve stunning design results customised to their needs.

Desso is also making its full range of products available on the NBS National BIM (Building Information Modelling) Library, the UK's leading resource for BIM objects.

Working with DESSO 3D Textures™ is easy and intuitive and allows architects & designers to introduce photo-realistic flooring designs at the early stage of the design process. The end result goes beyond what professionals currently expect from 3D presentations. To use the online platform, follow these three simple steps: 

1. Log-on to
2. Download the textures - it only takes a few seconds!
3. Import them into the interior design drawing package

“We are always striving to inspire interior designers and architects with cutting edge technology and tools. Our latest innovation DESSO 3D Textures™ takes this to the next level and enables specifiers to achieve their architectural vision effectively and efficiently in a photo realistic way.”

Alexander Collot d'Escury (CEO Desso Group)

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