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DESSO is opening a showroom in the Umwelt Arena with a Cradle to Cradle® event

28 September 2012

The move to the Umwelt Arena is a confirmation of the consistent focus on eco-effectiveness

Desso, the internationally renowned manufacturer of textile floor coverings that embraced the Cradle to Cradle® philosophy, is relocating its showroom to the Umwelt Arena in Spreitenbach, Switzerland. In making this move, the company is emphasising its wide-ranging commitment to eco-effectiveness. To celebrate the opening, Desso is issuing an invitation to an event on 28 September 2012 under the slogan 'Cradle to Cradle®', a design concept that takes inspiration from nature's continuous cycles, to be able to design and create materials that will be used as 'nutrients' for biological or industrial systems and goes beyond 'mere' sustainability. The event is primarily aimed at architects, customers and the company's business partners.

The Umwelt Arena aims to be a place that brings the key themes environment, energy and sustainability to life and explains them. It offers visitors exhibitions dealing with nature and life, energy and mobility, construction and modernisation, and renewable energy. From now on, there is a separate area where interested visitors can view the entire product ranges of DESSO Business Carpets and DESSO Consumer Carpets.

The opening event will offer insights into the company focus and philosophy of Desso. The central theme for the occasion is the Cradle to Cradle® concept that Desso is successfully implementing - the first carpet manufacturer in the economic area of Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) to do so - thanks to a partnership agreement with the Environmental Protection and Encouragement Agency (EPEA), based in Hamburg. This symbolises Desso's fundamental decision to go beyond 'mere' sustainability in the production of its carpeting products. The application of the basic Cradle to Cradle® principles means that products are created using positively defined1)  materials that are that are safe for human use and can be biologically or technically recycled at the end of their useful life.

The event will kick off with Prof. Dr. Michael Braungart, the co-founder of the Cradle to Cradle® design concept. He will present the fundamental principles for the optimisation of the quality and utility of materials, products and services. Then Stef Kranendijk, CEO of Desso, and an advocate of Cradle to Cradle®, will talk about Desso's transition to a circular economy. After a talk by Paul Rüedi, who is responsible for project development and coordination on the part of the client and is currently the Umwelt Arena business manager, participants can experience and learn more about the Umwelt Arena in a guided tour.

"With its focus on environmentally friendly products and eco-effectiveness, the Umwelt Arena is the ideal location for our showroom. Given our consistent focus on Cradle to Cradle®, the Umwelt Arena was clearly the first choice when we were looking for a new, central space. We clearly share high aspirations regarding the environment and design. The result is a multitude of synergy effects,"

Stephanie Quehl, Desso's Sales and Marketing Director in Switzerland.

About the Umwelt Arena
The Umwelt Arena is an exhibition platform for the theme of sustainability in the fields of nature and life, energy and mobility, construction and modernisation, and renewable energy. The family-friendly Umwelt Arena explains the relationship between environmentally friendly products and their technology to both professionals and the general public by letting them experience, comprehend and compare complex issues. With its spectacular architecture, the Umwelt Arena offers event organisers spaces to suit all requirements, including sustainable catering.

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1) Positively defined = all ingredients have been assessed as either Green (optimal) or Yellow (tolerable) according to the Cradle to Cradle® assessment criteria. As described in the Cradle to Cradle® Certification Program Version 2.1.1, prepared by MBDC September 2008, updated January 2010.

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