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Desso Hybrid grass for 2 stadiums at the European Football Championships

07 June 2012

With a few days before the kick-off of Europe's largest football event, exciting times for football fans can commence. Two stadiums in Ukraine will have a hybrid grass pitch. In the stadiums of Kharkiv and Donetsk, Desso Sports Systems has installed their hybrid grass system, a 100 % natural grass pitch reinforced by artificial fibres. 

Top matches on a high tech pitch
With this type of pitch, the stadiums of Donetsk and Kharkiv will have a perfect pitch throughout the tournament. The stadiums will be used intensely for both matches and training. Thanks to the reinforcement of artificial fibres, Desso GrassMaster offers reliable pitches in all weather conditions.

"In three weeks time, Donbass Arena will host 5 matches in the EURO 2012 tournament, including a quarter and semi-final. With Desso GrassMaster we will have a perfect playing surface throughout the tournament."

Alexander Atamanenko, CEO of Donbass Arena, Donetsk

Co-host Ukraine will play 2 matches in Donetsk. Holland will play all of its group matches in the stadium of Kharkiv, including the game against Germany. On June 11 England will play against France in the stadium of Donetsk.

About the hybrid system
The system consists of a 100 % natural grass pitch into which artificial fibres are injected 20 cm deep, every 2 cm across the pitch. This results in approximately 20 million artificial fibres, reinforcing the natural grass. The ingenuity of the system is to be found below the surface. The natural grass roots grow around the artificial fibres, thus anchoring the field. The system offers stability and reinforcement, ensuring a uniform surface in perfect condition at all times. The pitches at Kharkiv and Donetsk were installed in the summer of 2011, and successfully withstood the very harsh winter.

Top players already familiar with Desso GrassMaster
Most players active at the tournament have already experience with playing on the special grass in their regular competition. More than 450 clubs have already installed the system in their stadium or training center. Top clubs such as  Arsenal FC, Liverpool, Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur, AZ Alkmaar, RSC Anderlecht  play on the Desso GrassMaster system already for a number of years. A number of matches during the FIFA 2010 World Cup Football in South Africa was played on Desso GrassMaster pitches.

Since the installation of the system in 2010 in Wembley, the stadium has a perfect pitch again. In 2011, more than 60 sports events and 8 weeks of concerts were organized. During the Olympics 2012, Wembley will host qualifying football matches, the semi-finals and finals.

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