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New innovative CARPETECTURE® collection - DESSO launches Patterns@Play: giving identity to large spaces

17 January 2012

Leading European carpet manufacturer Desso adds a new collection to its CARPETECTURE® concept: Patterns@Play. Key word of this new collection is identity. The collection is about taking the anonymity of large spaces away and providing them with their own unique identity.

Desso's Patterns@Play collection consists of seven new and innovative products; including six carpet tile products and one broadloom.

Visions of Flowers offers a pronounced floral pattern which is incorporated in the carpet tile design. A surprisingly abstract pattern is what gives Visions of Shards its distinctive look, whereas the inspiration for Visions of Lines comes from linear elements in monumental architectural design. The 'Visions of…' range offers a unique blend of patented technology and unparalleled design.

Grids is a carpet tile product which uses structure to create a rhythmic, dynamic installation. Dash offers a playful combination of geometric blocks and lines to create a commanding visual effect. Mosaic takes its inspiration from stained glass which is translated into a delicate flooring design where the surface is manipulated on different levels to create a three-dimensional look. Wilton Enigma, the only broadloom product in the collection, combines the classically elegant woven Wilton design with a refreshingly contemporary look.

Blend between structure and pattern
Patterns@Play offers a blend between structure and pattern in new innovative carpet designs. Desso CCO Alexander Collot d'Escury: "This collection is all about identity. Large spaces are often too anonymous. It is much more pleasant - and productive - to be in an environment which makes a clear statement and makes you feel good. Our new products are an excellent example of the necessary synergy between the architecture of a specific building and its interior." The applied patterns help to visually subdivide large interior spaces and relate the surface to the human dimension. In this way, pattern-design becomes as functional as it is decorative.

Close cooperation with architects
Through its Circles of Architects®, Desso works closely together with top architects from all over the world. 

"We are in an ongoing dialogue with architects and designers to stimulate co-creation of new carpet applications. It is a very interesting creative process, in which the skills of professionals from different disciplines are combined. Patterns@Play is a direct result of this process."

Alexander Collot d'Escury, Chief Commercial Officer of Desso

Desso's CARPETECTURE® concept incorporates elements from modern international architecture to create emotionally expressive carpet designs. It looks at the changes in architecture, in how people think about space, atmosphere, colours and materials. As part of the CARPETECTURE® concept, Desso has several collections: Pure Lines, Core Structures, Colour Dimensions I & II as well as the new Patterns@Play collection.

Creativity, Functionality and Cradle to Cradle®
All Desso products are distinguished by the synergy of three pillars: Creativity, Functionality and Cradle to Cradle®.  Inspiration feeds creativity. For Desso, creativity means combining insights, ideas, knowledge and experience into functional, attractive products and services. Functionality is technology driven and in Desso's vision it means adding value to products or services. Through continuous innovation, Desso aims to supply superior products and develop groundbreaking solutions. Desso's designs have a clear goal: to optimise people's health, wellness and well-being. Cradle to Cradle® is a positive approach to sustainability and is intrinsic to everything Desso does.

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