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DESSO® launches new Dialogue Box 2011

10 June 2011

Leading European carpet manufacturer DESSO® has launched their new Dialogue sampling box for their business carpets division. This comprehensive collection features samples and information for every product in their business carpets range, all encompassed within a handy and practical box format. 

The new Dialogue box also includes the latest products from Desso's recent CARPETECTURE collection, Colour Dimensions II: Hint, Halo, Sand, Sand Stripe, AirMaster®, Flow and Twist. Furthermore, the latest edition of the box also includes an extra broadloom card, in order to accommodate a select number of new products from the Enia acquisition in 2010 which, although traditionally intended for consumer use, have been updated for commercial environments.  However, in keeping with the company's sustainability focus, the new 2011 product cards have been designed in such a way that they will still fit perfectly within the 2010 boxes.

The box is available in two editions: in colour, and in black and white. The colour box presents swatches in a variety of vibrant, inspiring colours, while the black and white edition is presented in a much more neutral way; in subtle grey, black, white and cream colours. The Dialogue concept is widely appreciated by architects and designers for it's compact, space-saving attributes, which allow customers to browse the entire Desso collection while taking up minimal space in design offices and studios.Desso takes design very seriously under their Innovation strategy, along with Functionality and Cradle to Cradle®. Design at Desso is stimulated and developed through their unique Circles of Architects® concept, under which they discuss and develop new products together with architects and designers during live sessions throughout the globe. Desso's Functionality focus has resulted in a number of developments: Desso carpet captures fine dust, is easy to clean and soaks up noise - making a vital environment contribution to personal health and comfort. Groundbreaking innovations include Desso AirMaster®- a new addition to this 2011 Dialogue box - which features award-winning, patented technology for 8 times lower fine dust concentration in the air compared to hard flooring*.  Cradle to Cradle® design is inspired by nature and sees carpet as being made up of nutrients, that should consistently remain in use, in an unending cycle. This was the reason that Desso developed its new EcoBase® backing, which was designed specifically with disassembly and recycling in mind.  Desso's new carpet tile product Flow - another highly anticipated newcomer in this 2011 Dialogue box - is delivered standard with EcoBase® backing, resulting in the world's first Cradle to Cradle® Silver certification for an entire carpet tile product.

Alexander Collot d'Escury, Chief Commercial Officer at Desso, comments on the launch:
"Our latest Dialogue box update will not fail to impress architects and designers working on commercial environments. The collection is more diverse than ever, with some fantastic innovations that can drastically improve indoor conditions for people at work; whether in offices, healthcare institutions,  educational establishments or any commercial environment. It is a fantastic affirmation of our focus on Design, Functionality and Cradle to Cradle® and provides an essential toolkit to support architects and designers with any interior project."

* Based on tests performed by GUI (independent German test institute), with DESSO AirMaster® versus standard PVC hardfloor.

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