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DESSO® launches new CARPETECTURE® collection: Colour Dimensions II

20 May 2011

Leading European carpet manufacturer Desso® has launched their new CARPETECTURE® collection, Colour Dimensions II. This comprehensive collection of products offers an inspiring choice of exciting designs and textures in line with the company's acclaimed CARPETECTURE® concept, which draws on contemporary architecture to create flooring that complements modern interiors.

The new collection is based on an emerging breakthrough in the use of colour within commercial environments, and was developed as a result of expert consultation during Desso's Circles of Architects® platform. This platform invites expert architects and designers to contribute their vision towards the future of flooring, and allows the opportunity for feedback and input during the product development stage of Desso's collection. The Colour Dimensions II collection is the culmination of these joint efforts, which have resulted in a stunning set of products, at the cutting edge of design.

The collection comprises 7 new products, with a choice of both carpet tile and broadloom carpet.  These products are named Hint, Halo, Sand Stripe, Sand, AirMaster®, Flow and Twist.

Hint and Halo create surprising colour effects, with vibrant accents that are visible in immediate surrounds, and yet seemingly fade away into the distance.  Halo is available as carpet tiles, and has a playful high low structure of lustrous accents against a matt base. Hint, a broadloom product with an elegantly ribbed structure and subtle linear colour accents, offers comfort and richness in stylish dark base tones. Both Hint and Halo can be perfectly combined with other Desso products such as Palatino for creative floor plans that set the tone, define an area, or provide direction in a building.

Sand and Sand Stripe, both carpet tile products, work in perfect harmony with each other. The strong, linear design in exciting multi-coloured options make Sand Stripe the perfect choice for creating and defining spaces while the fine detail and matching colour line of Sand provides the perfect complement. 

Desso's focus on superior design is not limited to visual aesthetics.  The functional design of DESSO AirMaster® is a revolutionary innovation in the carpet industry.  The World Health Organization (WHO) has designed clear guidelines on air pollution from fine dust (indoor and outdoors), indicating that presence with an aerodynamic diameter of 10 μm or smaller (PM10) is damaging to your health. These small particles are invisible to the naked eye and do not necessarily produce a noticeable odour. Therefore a visibly clean room can have a considerable air quality issue. Extensive evidence from WHO indicates that concentrations of fine dust currently found in most cities in developed countries around the world results in a serious health risk*.

It has been proven by the German Allergy and Asthma Association DAAB that the burden from fine dust is significantly reduced when using carpet, as opposed to hard flooring**. With the innovative, award winning, patented technology of DESSO AirMaster®, the fine dust concentration in the air is 8 times lower than with hard flooring solutions (PM10)***. The colour line combines subtle base colours with engaging accents, as well as bolder colours for creative floor design.

Organic patterns of naturally flowing lines in a rich high-low structure create an engaging 3D appearance in the carpet tile product Flow. Dried earth and cracked porcelain are embodied in the subtle, endless, naturally flowing lines of this carpet tile design. Contemporary greys, warm neutrals and bolder accent colours make up the colour line and can be endlessly combined with other colours or interior elements. This carpet tile is delivered as standard with DESSO EcoBase® backing and Silver Cradle to Cradle® certification.

Bring the comfort feeling of home into your office areas with the Twist carpet tile.  Its high, shaggy cut pile structure and playful appearance brings luxury and richness into conference rooms, break-out areas or open office plans, either in full width or as rug effect installations. The colours range from warm neutrals to bold accent colours such as green, red, orange and aqua blue.

Alexander Collot d'Escury, Chief Commercial Officer at Desso, is pleased with this latest development in commercial interior design trends: "It's great to see commercial interiors starting to use more playful, exciting colour effects and combinations. These are environments where people are hard at work, often for 8 hours a day, and should therefore be visually stimulating. With the launch of our latest CARPETECTURE® collection, Colour Dimensions II, architects and designers will be equipped with a multitude of creative options for exciting commercial interiors. In addition, they can utilize the power of colour for indicating direction and defining areas through the complementary product combinations featured in this excellent collection."

* Source: World Health Organization Air quality guidelines for particulate matter, global update 2005.
** Source: Study performed by Deutscher Allergie- und Asthmabund e.V. in 2005.
*** Based on tests performed by GUI (independent German test institute), with DESSO AirMaster® versus standard PVC hardfloor.



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