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DESSO® meets ecological designers at 100% Design Shanghai

03 December 2010

The 100% Design Fair has been a household name in Shanghai for several years. The exhibition was first held in the UK and, after a number of successful years, the 100% Design Fair in Shanghai was introduced, which has also been a great success with, each year, growing numbers of both participants and visitors.  This November, Desso, in partnership with GIGA, took part for the first time.

GIGA, which stands for Green Ideas, Green Action, was a major participant at the fair this year.  GIGA is an organisation created by the designers of the 'urban hotel' in Shanghai, a unique hotel entirely built from ecological materials. So inspiring was this project that the designers involved created GIGA to create more transparency in eco-friendly products and suppliers and use the new platform to disseminate information more widely.

For 100% Design, GIGA opted for a creative approach, presenting its partners in an art gallery. Desso was on show, in addition to five other ecological suppliers. Desso's artistic centrepiece was an AirMaster® tile on a canvas with the words ''This is not a carpet.'' Desso also participated in several workshops and gave a lecture on Cradle to Cradle®.

100% Design proved very successful for Desso, allowing us to meet designers and other specifiers, and present to them our corporate strategies for creativity, functionality and, not least, our Cradle to Cradle® philosophy.

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