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Golden Apple for carpet manufacturer DESSO®

19 November 2010

The European carpet manufacturer Desso, located in Waalwijk, The Netherlands, will be honoured with the Golden Apple prize on 23 November. Desso will be honoured with the Golden Apple award since Desso is considered a role model as far as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability is concerned. This is amongst others the case because Desso is a frontrunner worldwide in having old carpet tiles recycled into materials for new carpets.

This company from Waalwijk has far-reaching ambitions. By 2020, Desso wants to work completely according to 'Cradle to Cradle' principles. The goal is either to produce products that do not end up in the rubbish bin and can be biologically disassembled or to convert used products in such a way that they become raw materials for new products. Desso is already collecting old carpet from the business market. If possible, this carpet is recycled and becomes either fuel for the cement industry or raw materials for new carpeting. 'Carpet are recyclable, so it is important that this recycling process actually happens. By collecting used carpets from customers, we make sure they do not end up at the landfill,' said Desso's Chief Executive Officer Stef Kranendijk. In addition to carpet and carpet tiles, the company from Waalwijk produces artificial turf for sporting fields. The company has customers in the business sector, hotels, cruise ships, airline industry and sports clubs. The company's Dutch branches employ almost 500 people.

The Golden Apple is the second prize that Desso is taking home in a short time. It recently won the BOV Trophy for the company with the best management vision. The Golden Apple will be awarded on Tuesday, 23 November at 10:00 by Marcel Schreurs (director, COS Brabant) and Jan van Vroenhoven (chair, Committee on Space and the Environment of the Chamber of Commerce and Social and Economic Council [SER] Brabant; executive board member, Brabant Chamber of Commerce; executive board member, Brabant and Zeeland Employers' Association [BZW]). After the award ceremony, there will be a short tour of the company. The Golden Apple consists of an award, certificate, logo and apple turnovers for all employees.

The Brabant Chamber of Commerce wants to make entrepreneurs aware of the numerous advantages of CSR (corporate social responsibility). CSR offers improved chances in the market and can lead to the production of new products and services as well as cost savings. In order to show that CSR actually works, the Chamber of Commerce and COS (Centre for International Cooperation) have entered a partnership and created the Golden Apple prize. By putting the spotlight on those pioneering companies, the Chamber of Commerce and COS hope to persuade other businesses to go down this path as well. The Golden Apple has already been awarded to Anova Seafood in Den Bosch, Bagels & Beans in Eindhoven and ITC Holland Transport in Oss.

Bruun Boeschoten, Desso Sales and Marketing Director Nederland, receives Gouden Appel award from the KVK on behalf of Desso

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