Employee profile

We all know that people make companies successful. We are proud to have a diverse workforce. We look for people who share our six core values:

Employee profile 2

Customer Focus
Our tagline is the 'The Floor is Yours', emphasising the fact that we aim to put our customer's needs at the centre of everything we do.

Common Sense
We want our people to use their initiative to get successful results the fastest and simplest way based on their common sense.

Being open, honest, respectful and trustworthy at all times with our colleagues, our customers and all our stakeholders.

Entrepreneurial Spirit & Ambition
At Desso, we believe everyone can develop their own entrepreneurial spirit. We combine this with the value of ambition because we expect our people to follow through on their best ideas and make them happen.

Ownership & Empowerment
To achieve our goals, we need people to be engaged and ready to take the initiative, follow their convictions, collaborate and be prepared to stand by their decisions.

Corporate Social Responsibility & Cradle to Cradle®
We are ambitious commercially but we are equally ambitious to deliver success based on a model that upholds our responsibilities to society and the environment.

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