Do you have the 'Desso spirit'?

desso spirit

When facing a problem, do you come up with a solution or do you leave it for someone higher up?
If you are the action-oriented problem-solver who is willing to take charge, then you have the Desso 'spirit'.  We reward high-performers and people willing to develop their own solutions quickly. They will drive short-term and long-term plans in collaboration with others.  It is good to be an original thinker but if you can get from A to B quicker by using information that is already out there, that is just as effective in many cases. We value people who have the common sense to look first and avoid wasting time. Looking for sound information, they will get to the solution quickly.

How creative are you?  Everyone can shape new ideas and innovations. It is not the sole preserve of the R&D team. Can you bring your creativity and inventiveness to work and share ideas with others to reach exciting new solutions?

Are you internationally focused? We encourage people to help us explore new international markets and maintain our good relations with existing customers in markets in more than 100 countries.

Are you a driven person, always striving to improve on your performance, no matter how well you do? If you do, you will fit in at Desso. Our people are ambitious, goal-oriented and driven, aware that as a company we must always reinvent ourselves to stay ahead of our competitors.

Do you set out to maintain an honest approach to everything? At Desso, acting with integrity is critical. We want to win in our markets as a good company, trusted by our customers, partners and other stakeholders. We don't cut corners and go for the easy option. We work hard to do the right thing whether that is pushing through on the grinding work of developing healthy ingredients for our materials, according to Cradle to Cradle® criteria, or ensuring we are a responsible employer in every country in which we operate. 

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