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Take Back™ Programme

Our goal is to collect 50,000 tonnes of post-consumer carpet via our Take Back™ Programme by 2020.

Within the Cradle to Cradle® concept, it is vital that every part of our carpets and carpet tiles will be completely integrated into a technical or biological cycle.
Currently we are recycling the product in the cement industry where it is used as secondary fuel, and the stabilizer (chalk) is used as raw material to produce cement. While carpets may be recyclable, it is vital to ensure that the recycling actually takes place. Under our Cradle to Cradle® commitment, we have introduced a take back programme where we collect used carpets from our clients, thus ensuring that they can be properly reprocessed.

DESSO's Refinity® Process

Desso has developed an innovative separation technique, called Refinity®, which makes it possible to separate the yarn from the backing, producing two material streams which can each be recycled. After several purification stages, the yarn is returned to the manufacturer for reuse. The bitumen from the backing is recycled in roofing, road building and concrete.

With the launch of DESSO EcoBase®, a backing specifically designed for disassembly, Desso is making a significant step in its Cradle to Cradle® strategy. Due to the innovative composition of this backing, DESSO EcoBase® can be fully recycled in Desso's own production process after separation. Here, the yarn is also converted back to the basic material and returned to the yarn manufacturers for production of new yarn.

The result: a closed technical cycle.

At Desso, we are honoured that the European Union recognises the importance of the Cradle to Cradle® principle and the role of the Take Back™ programme. By means of the Eco innovation funding scheme, the EU wants to support innovative products, services and technologies which can promote better use of natural resources. Within the framework of the European wish to use materials in a socially responsible way (the 'Sustainable Material Management programme'), in June 2010 the EU announced that DESSO's Take Back™ programme was the perfect solution. The European Union has thus expressed its confidence in Desso and allocated a subsidy to the Cradle to Cradle® business operations and the Take Back™ Programme.

DESSO's Take Back™ Programme offers several benefits:

  • By participating, WPP will make an important step towards sustainability and increased social responsibility. This choice goes further than simply satisfying the criteria for sustainable procurement. The collected carpet will be reprocessed using the most superior technologies and will be deployed as either secondary fuel for the cement industry or eventually turned into raw material for new carpets.
  • The DESSO Take Back™ Programme provides WPP with the guarantee that they are always in compliance with the most stringent legislation.
  • This exceptional programme is evidence of Desso's comprehensive Cradle to Cradle® commitment and makes a fundamental step towards tackling carpet landfill.
  • It offers WPP complete confidence that collected carpet components will be reused

Take BackTM certificate

Desso also offers a Take BackTM certificate to guarantee that material is recycled according to our Cradle to Cradle® principles. As part of DESSO's Take BackTM programme, more than 256 tonnes of carpet material has been recycled during 2009. In 2010 and beyond the volume of recycled carpet material will increase rapidly.

DESSO's Refinity® Process

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