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Desso is proud to partner with Raiffeisen Bank as of January 1st 2009.

Desso provides the highest level of innovative flooring solutions aiding Raiffeisen to achieve its sustainability goals throughout the whole Raiffeisen Group.
Whether these goals concern healthy workplace solutions, minimisation of waste or stimulating the use of recycled materials, we strongly believe we can help Raiffeisen Bank.

Raiffeisen has set up a very innovative workplace concept called Econogy. The Econogy offices initiative is helping to create sustainable, resource efficient office space and encouraging the development of environmentally friendly, cost saving office properties in Austria, CEE and SEE. We believe that Desso can really add value and contribute to this sustainable concept.

Multiple innovations have been developed recently. Carpet flooring needs to contain a specific function besides looking attractively. At Desso we have incorporated different hi-tech functions within seemingly ordinary carpet floorings. We have added true functionality. For example the DESSO Airmaster® that cleans the air by containing indoor fine dust and the DESSO Soundmaster® that has been developed for its advanced sound insulation and absorption properties. And there are many innovations to come!

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