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At Desso, we are always asking ourselves how our carpet solutions can do more for people in their daily lives. The development of products that make a difference is at the heart of our business.

In the field of functionality, Desso develops pioneering solutions which contribute to providing outstanding performance qualities for enhanced human health, wellness and wellbeing. However, we keep looking for improvements to go one step further.

DESSO AirMaster® is a key example of a patented innovative solution that takes design and functionality to the next level. It contributes to better well-being of people in offices, schools, care centres and other commercial environments.

Clean air is of vital importance. The air that we breathe has a crucial effect on our health and wellbeing. We spend on average more than 90% of our time indoors. Concentrations of fine dust currently found in most cities in developed countries around the world result in a serious health risk1).

According to a study performed by the German Allergy and Asthma Association (DAAB)2), it is proven that the burden from indoor fine dust is dramatically reduced when using carpet, as opposed to hard flooring. With the introduction of DESSO AirMaster® this functionality is taken to the next level. Its patented technology has been specially developed to capture and retain hazardous particulate matter.

DESSO AirMaster®:

  • captures fine dust using patented technology,
  • its structure delivers a mechanical solution,
  • offers permanent functionality,
  • uses no chemical additives,
  • has no side effects

In fact, DESSO AirMaster® is 8 times more effective in capturing and retaining fine dust than hard flooring and 4 times more effective than standard carpet solutions (PM10)3), making it the most effective flooring solution to remove fine dust from the air.

1) Source: World Health Organization Air quality guidelines for particulate matter, global update 2005.
2) Study performed by Deutscher Allergie- und Asthmabund e.V. in 2005.
3) Based on tests performed by GUI, with DESSO AirMaster® versus standard PVC hardfloor and versus standard structured loop pile carpet.

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