Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is at the core of Desso's vision. As a leading, global carpets and sports pitches business, part of the Tarkett Group, we are focused on delivering the best products for our customers while meeting our obligations in regard to people and planet. Our vision is to produce environmentally responsible products that contribute to people's health and wellbeing in the built environment, based on the insight that we spend 90% of our time indoors.

Social Fairness is one of the five elements of the Cradle to Cradle® philosophy and requires us to maintain high ethical standards wherever we conduct business. We support the UN Global Compact, a set of principles that promote responsible corporate practices in the areas of the environment, labour, human rights and anti-corruption.

Suppliers' Responsibility

We realize the vital role our suppliers play in realizing our vision. To meet our ambitious targets we seek business relationships with suppliers who share our vision, are dedicated to improve their products and operations towards environmental and social excellence, and promote the same values actively among those with whom they do business.

To implement social fairness along the whole value chain effectively we follow two procedures.

  • Material Health Assessment of products and material ingredients
  • Social Risk Assessment


Material Health Assessment of products and material ingredients

For every product we purchase, we ask our suppliers to fill-in a product declaration. The product declaration is the basis for a third party material health- assessment by EPEA. As soon as your product is "positive defined" by EPEA, it is a purchasing option for Desso. (A positive assessment is a purchasing prerequisite).

Social Risk Assessment 

Our Social Risk Assessment relates to the circumstances under which the products we buy are made. We asses to which extent our suppliers respect Human Rights in their operations, promote Health & Safety of employees, fight corruption and save the environment.

We require all suppliers to take notice of and sign the Tarkett  supplier code of conduct In our supplier code of conduct we define the minimum standards that we ask our suppliers and their sub-tier suppliers to respect and adhere to when conducting business with Desso or Tarkett.

In addition our most strategic suppliers are screened on social issues, following a four step approach:

  1. Identification of inherent supplier risk (based on type of business, size and region)
  2. Self-Assessment-Questionnaire (SAQ, based on 4 pillars: Labour Standards, Health and Safety, Environment, Business Integrity)
  3. Where necessary we conduct social audits and expect our suppliers to co-operate 
  4. Improvement and follow-up


Suppliers that are rated in a high risk category for a long time and do not co-operate or show any progress on the long-run, will jeopardize their business with Desso. 

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