Project Tambopata

Desso helps prevent deforestation, protect biodiversity and improve farmers' livelihoods in Peru.

Natural capital - all living things that exist beyond the human race - is vital to life on Earth as we know it. This natural capital provides humanity with the vital products and services we need to survive, including clean air, water, food, energy and places to live. Put simply, it keeps our society and economy in motion. The materials we derive from nature are used around the world in everyday products, for cultural and education purposes, and to help protect us from extreme weather. And yet society is taking natural resources from the Earth faster than they can be replenished. Research suggests that we are already pushing our planet beyond its limits, reducing its ability to provide for future generations. 

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Why is Desso investing in biodiversity?

At Desso, we have a deep commitment to making our products in accordance with Cradle to Cradle (C2C) thinking, the driving force of which is to improve the quality of life. One of the three founding principles of this approach is to celebrate diversity - to respect both nature and people - which is why it is important to us to invest in protecting biodiversity and support healthy, flourishing communities. Biodiversity, energy, clean air and social fairness are fundamental aspects of our Cradle to Cradle (C2C) journey.

Additionally, since we - and all companies - have an impact on biodiversity, it is right that we step up and take responsibility for preserving it. And by collaborating with other organisations, we stand to make a greater positive impact that we could alone.

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Collaborating to keep tropical forests alive

For example, we are partnering with the Dutch Ministry for Economic Affairs and three companies - Eneco, Essent and the Dutch Development Bank (FMO) - to invest in a sustainable agro-forestry project in the Peruvian Amazon. Project Tambopata links the conservation of forests and restoration of damaged land with supporting growers' livelihoods by cultivating cocoa in a way that respects the environment.

“Investing in Project Tambopata is a highly effective way for us to help protect some of the world’s most precious and endangered species. With a relatively small investment, we stand to generate a large-scale impact in a short space of time. And by collaborating with others, we will achieve more than we could alone.”

Roland Jonkhoff Managing Director Desso & Vice President, Carpet (EMEA) Tarkett

Do you want to know how it works? Watch the animation!

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